About .Shelly.Etc.

Shelly Engels has always been inspired by architecture’s basic aspects: form, space, proportion and light. Starting with legos at age 3 to her architectural studies in college.  She has a degree in interior architecture and product design from Kansas State University and moved to Seattle in 2005 for work in the design field. Shelly, an avid world traveler, carries a camera wherever she goes capturing the details of each city she visits. Most recently capturing Eastern Europe. Of course, Seattle is ever inspiring for her creative endeavors and merging her love for architecture and photography into one.

I have always loved taking photographs, and now I’m pushing myself into the next phase of selling and producing beautiful photography. I have 2 main cameras, a canon dslr and a Diana F+ film camera. My deep roots (and education are in architecture and design) thus allowing me to transfer my two loves into one. I’m also keeping up with the newfangled technology including Instagram photographs!

All of my photographs are available to you for print on any of my products or as wall art.
I’m also dabbling in engagement and wedding photography, so let me know if you are interested in that!

you can contact me to say hi, or for special requests at: info@shellyetc.com

All Products Available: Postcards, Greeting Cards, Magnets, journals, night lights, large prints on aluminum

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